Thursday, July 25, 2019

Everyman, like his favorite Austrian android, is back on-line. He wasted several years in graduate school listening to Marxists, and globalists preach their hatred of Western Man. He has risen from the metaphorical ashes of that ideological struggle, and is ready to make war on the enemies of Man. He is armed with volumes of esoteric knowledge, and years of experience. He's too old for the physical struggle, but he can still write. Therefore, he will do his part to revive western civilization; one editorial at a time.

     Future essays will focus on war, and politics. They will also stray into art, and popular culture. The latter might seem like an odd digression, but the cultural sphere is an important part of the war for the West. The enemies of Europe, America, and the rest of the European diaspora have used art, architecture, and film to undermine our collective will, and corrupt the youth. Their "long march through the institutions" has been successful. Indeed, they dominate politics, academia, and the media. As western men who care about our legacy, we have no choice but to fight against this decadence. We do so by identifying our enemies, and exposing their efforts. In this manner we might undermine their academic, political, and cultural strongholds rendering them naked, and impotent.


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