Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Audacity of Whiteness - Jill Nelson

On the way home from school tonight I was awestruck about something I heard on the radio. A recently published article was being discussed by its author Jill Nelson, titled - The Audacity of Whiteness, well, lets just say it kinda reaffirmed me in trying to get this blog off the ground and at the very least an outlet for many of my built up frustrations. I researched the article and read it several times over and was left floored, can't say surprised, but definitely floored. In any case, just about ready to start my rant then I came across a blog Conservative Black Woman who just about summed it up for me. Also, I like a lot of what she has to say. I’ll be trying to hunt her down and see if we can mooch off her success (just kidding). Hopefully when we finally get some more material they’ll come a flocking.

Here is another link to Conservative Black Woman’s site and though I did not vote for McCain this past election, or like him much as a candidate either, I did like Palin. It was terrible to see how she was used a punching bag for no reason other than she is a female conservative i.e. a traitor and therefore enemy # 1 of the liberal agenda.



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