Monday, October 26, 2009

Sad But True...

and From The Paper of Record:

"The results demonstrate once more the apparent preference of viewers for opinion-oriented shows from the news networks in prime time." - really, from Anderson Cooper and CNN?

How's about -


NAH - I don't see any opinions or bias in that reporting from CNN - only hard facts!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Mouth of Sauron

Recent attacks by the White House against Fox News help demonstrate the mindset of our nation’s enemies. quotes David Axelrod as saying that Fox News should not be treated as a news organization. He reportedly cited the network’s conservative slant and its interest in profits as invalidating factors. His statements reveal, yet again, the current administration’s loathing of the First Amendment and capitalism.

Axelrod’s charlatanism and double standards are typical of his political party. He sees nothing wrong with the leftist sycophants at CNN and MSNBC who treat Obama like a deity. Yet, he scoffs at the single conservative cable news station that dares to analyze and expose the extravagant spending and corruption of the administration and their nefarious underlings, such as ACORN. This is because, in the eyes of these leftists, the only valid viewpoint is their own. The First Amendment to the Constitution is meaningless to these people unless it is an instrument used to advance their cause and intimidate and stifle their opponents.

The attack against Fox News openly displays the administration’s Marxist totalitarian mindset. Leftists consider private enterprise to be evil. They despise successful entrepreneurs like Murdoch. They believe that all business should serve the State—more concretely, the interests of the leftist elite. Only those who back their ideology, such as Ted Turner, are encouraged to prosper, for now—as long as their prominence is politically expedient. That is why some leftists are currently discussing a media bailout. It would support the increasingly unprofitable and discredited state-aligned media—what we once thought of mistakenly as “mainstream media”—with our tax revenues.

Axelrod may be unaware of how much he resembles Tolkien’s Mouth of Sauron character, the mindless messenger of a malignant force. Axelrod truly may not be able to distinguish between genuine organs of the press, such as Fox News, and propaganda machines like NBC. Fox, AM radio, and the industrial sector are all in the Left’s crosshairs. But, perhaps, Axelrod has done us all one important, if unintended, service. His statements have sounded a clear alarum. This administration is the unabashed enemy of free speech and of all our other cherished liberties.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Copenhagen Treaty

The lie of man made climate change is a tool of the Left. They hope to further undermine our civilization by inundating us with this sort of propaganda and legislation. The Copenhagen Treaty is perhaps the most dangerous of these types of attacks. It is a measure that is meant to undermine this nation's sovereignty and gut what remains of its manufacturing sector. The treaty's ultimate goal is the complete deindustrialization our nation. It will do this by making it too expensive to produce and ship goods. It will also bleed what is left of our wealth to the lesser nations of the world--many of which consider the United States an enemy.

This treaty can not be allowed to pass. Any Senator who signs it is an enemy of the United States. We will post their names on this site and we will do everything in our power to expel these useful idiots from office.

Here is a link to a web-site that deals with this issues in detail:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This is the promise of socialism—mass-murdering bureaucrats leading the people to slaughter. By the way, make a note of the cheering emanating from the useful idiots in the audience.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Zero received a Nobel Peace Prize for talking about nuclear disarmament. This award only proves the fallacy of an organization that places its subversive Marxist agenda above its stated purpose of fostering global peace. George W. Bush, mistakenly, eliminated our Peacekeeper missiles (also known as the MX). These weapons represented the most powerful nuclear deterrent in existence. This was a major strategic mistake, but it was a step along the path of nuclear disarmament—a major theme of the global peace movement. Still, no group outside of the defense community even mentioned this (disastrous) reduction of the US nuclear stockpile.

The Nobel Peace Prize reinforces an unrealistic and effeminate view of the world. Our ancestors, the Ancient Greeks, Germans, and Romans, would have likely laughed at such a concept (and then slaughtered and enslaved its proponents). This prize is usually awarded to individuals who are working against the better interests of the United States and/or its allies. Just look at a few of the recent winners. The list includes: two terrorists, Yasser Arafat (1994) and Nelson Mandela (1993), and Jimmy Carter (2002)—a living embodiment of economic ruin and military disaster. Most recent winners have worked toward deindustrialization and/or similar subversive goals.

After considering the points mentioned above, it seems appropriate that Zero won this prize. He is an effeminate Marxist who uses empty rhetoric and political pressure to acquire and consolidate power. He is currently engaged in the process of destroying the US economy through unprecedented spending and the implementation of a radical environmental agenda. He is also emasculating the US military through the defunding of weapons programs and the granting of constitutional rights to foreign terrorists. Zero’s interests, obviously, do not reflect those of this nation. He has repeatedly stated that he considers himself a member of the international community. Therefore, he is in fact the best recipient for an award aimed at promoting anti-American and anti-Western agendas.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Race Card was, until recently, the Ace up the Left’s collective sleeve. They used it to promote their agenda in both the public and private sectors. Shakedown artists like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton made their carreers (and vast fortunes) by employing this device. Recent discourses surrounding the health care debate, however, seem to indicate that the Race Card has lost some of its former power and is turning into little more than a "Rag Card".

Years of abuse and mishandling have devalued the Race Card’s worth. Contemporary generalizations on the part of “activist entertainers” and political commentators regarding T.E.A. Party protestors have highlighted the current weakness of this tactic. The idea that all anti-health care reform protestors are white racists is so obviously false that even some democrats seem unconvinced. Even with their domination of the media, the Left can’t hide the fact that these protestors represent a group that is as diverse in its political affiliations as it is in the demographic traits of its constituents.

Furthermore, cases like the brutal beating of Kenneth Gladney advance the notion that this conflict is not racial, but ideological. There is an important question at its center, does America want to regain its lost economic power, or does it want to continue sliding down the pit of European style socialism (an economic system that is finally being rejected by Europeans)?

It is safe to say that few people care about the fact that Zero is a mulatto. But millions are concerned with the fact that he and his handlers are Marxists. Luckily, a large enough portion of the American public no longer allows itself to be lied to by the state-run media. As a result, the Left’s pathetic attempt to sway this debate with outdated racial tactics only reinforces the conservative position.