Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is the Race Card Busted?

The Race Card was, until recently, the Ace up the Left’s collective sleeve. They used it to promote their agenda in both the public and private sectors. Shakedown artists like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton made their carreers (and vast fortunes) by employing this device. Recent discourses surrounding the health care debate, however, seem to indicate that the Race Card has lost some of its former power and is turning into little more than a "Rag Card".

Years of abuse and mishandling have devalued the Race Card’s worth. Contemporary generalizations on the part of “activist entertainers” and political commentators regarding T.E.A. Party protestors have highlighted the current weakness of this tactic. The idea that all anti-health care reform protestors are white racists is so obviously false that even some democrats seem unconvinced. Even with their domination of the media, the Left can’t hide the fact that these protestors represent a group that is as diverse in its political affiliations as it is in the demographic traits of its constituents.

Furthermore, cases like the brutal beating of Kenneth Gladney advance the notion that this conflict is not racial, but ideological. There is an important question at its center, does America want to regain its lost economic power, or does it want to continue sliding down the pit of European style socialism (an economic system that is finally being rejected by Europeans)?

It is safe to say that few people care about the fact that Zero is a mulatto. But millions are concerned with the fact that he and his handlers are Marxists. Luckily, a large enough portion of the American public no longer allows itself to be lied to by the state-run media. As a result, the Left’s pathetic attempt to sway this debate with outdated racial tactics only reinforces the conservative position.


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