Friday, October 9, 2009

President Obama, or O, or just Zero, received a Nobel Peace Prize for talking about nuclear disarmament. This award only proves the fallacy of an organization that places its subversive Marxist agenda above its stated purpose of fostering global peace. George W. Bush, mistakenly, eliminated our Peacekeeper missiles (also known as the MX). These weapons represented the most powerful nuclear deterrent in existence. This was a major strategic mistake, but it was a step along the path of nuclear disarmament—a major theme of the global peace movement. Still, no group outside of the defense community even mentioned this (disastrous) reduction of the US nuclear stockpile.

The Nobel Peace Prize reinforces an unrealistic and effeminate view of the world. Our ancestors, the Ancient Greeks, Germans, and Romans, would have likely laughed at such a concept (and then slaughtered and enslaved its proponents). This prize is usually awarded to individuals who are working against the better interests of the United States and/or its allies. Just look at a few of the recent winners. The list includes: two terrorists, Yasser Arafat (1994) and Nelson Mandela (1993), and Jimmy Carter (2002)—a living embodiment of economic ruin and military disaster. Most recent winners have worked toward deindustrialization and/or similar subversive goals.

After considering the points mentioned above, it seems appropriate that Zero won this prize. He is an effeminate Marxist who uses empty rhetoric and political pressure to acquire and consolidate power. He is currently engaged in the process of destroying the US economy through unprecedented spending and the implementation of a radical environmental agenda. He is also emasculating the US military through the defunding of weapons programs and the granting of constitutional rights to foreign terrorists. Zero’s interests, obviously, do not reflect those of this nation. He has repeatedly stated that he considers himself a member of the international community. Therefore, he is in fact the best recipient for an award aimed at promoting anti-American and anti-Western agendas.


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