Monday, January 26, 2009

Yup, He's a Plant

I mentioned in an earlier post that watching John McCain's performance during the election one might feel inclined to think that one was watching a democrat plant and not a serious candidate. I was just joking at the time, but now I fear that I was, unintentionally I assure you, on to something. I think that the Senator’s most recent statements in defense of the Left can pretty much lay all of my doubts to rest. If what the media outlets say is true, then McCain seems to be moving into a position where he will serve as a sort of liaison between the creature in the White House and the remnants of the Republican Party in Congress.

Does anyone remember a guy named Vidkun Quisling, or another guy named Marshal P├ętain? No, of course not, because the Left has politicized and dumbed down all educational institutions.

Let me explain my statement. What we got here is a weak-spined collaborator. I really think that the commies broke this guy in Nam and reprogrammed him to serve them back in the States. And now he’s serving his purpose of undermining the West’s last bastion from within its political institutions.

Sad part is that the Republican Party is oblivious to this internal threat. So, I guess we are pretty much screwed. All we can do is urge our party to reject this man, the creature in the White House, and all of the forms of socialism that are being shoved down our throats.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Signs Are Everywhere

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sums it up quite well

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why did we lose the 2008 election? Answer: John McCain. Sure, George Bush and leftist propaganda helped, but, there were other, more important, reasons that led to this disaster, explicitly, John McCain’s weakness as a candidate. Those who blame Sarah Palin either do not know what they are talking about or have some other issue with her.

It was not all McCain’s fault. Other factors were at play. The democrats fought dirty. They registered thousands of non-existent voters (at least 20,000 in Ohio alone). They intimidated conservative voters at the polls and at the workplace. And they used the media to cover-up the worthlessness and evil nature of their candidate, while assaulting Senator McCain’s record and character on an hourly basis.

The chips were certainly piled high against Senator McCain. Still, none of this could hide the fact that the Left ran a hideous “creepy” construct that hates America as its candidate. This fact was not lost on all Americans. In fact, so many people came out to stop that creature that even though McCain had very little support, the election was actually pretty close. So why did we lose? Simply put, John McCain was a poor choice.

To be fair, McCain was fighting on all fronts. His age and wounds were highlighted by the mainstream media (or as El Rushbo refers to them, the “drive-by” media). They attacked him for being out of breath in a debate, they called him “out of touch” --basically an old guy. And they made fun of the fact that he does not use computer keyboards. The first attack cannot be defended against. McCain is an old guy. Outside of siphoning some of Keith Richards’ mojo, there is not much anyone can do about this. As for the typing bit, the man simply cannot lift his arms for a long enough period in order to use a keyboard. This is due to injuries suffered while serving his country against the allies of the Democratic Party, a limitation that should have been seen as a sign of prestige, not of weakness.

This writer believes that a better, more aggressive, politician could have overcome all of the problems mentioned above. The Republican Party should have run a younger, tougher individual who actually stood for some of the party’s ideals. Look at the response from the base when McCain picked Governor Palin. Imagine what would have happened if “our guy” would have attacked Obama on a daily basis instead of working toward some sort of idealistic gentlemanly union with our enemies (these people hate America, so yes, I use the term enemies, not opponents).

McCain looked physically weak, and his attempts to collaborate with the enemy seem to have won him only one supporter, Senator Lieberman, while costing him at least thirty percent of the Republican vote. That betrayal of the base was not his only mistake. There were a number of moves by McCain that led this writer to feel as if he were watching a democrat plant at work and not a serious candidate. Consider his backing of the bailout with the billions in pork, and let’s not start with his foolish adherence to campaign finance reform. This was Chamberlain and Hitler all over again; a well-intentioned series of actions, meant in a spirit of common respect and honor, being directed toward an individual who saw in those acts only signs of weakness that could be exploited. This election, like the Second World War, was a disaster for the West.

This writer would argue that the attacks on McCain’s age and physical condition were rude and dishonorable and that they should never have been taken-up by the drive-by media. Unfortunately, our enemies have no regard for honor and grace. Therefore, the argument is futile. We will need to keep these ideas in mind during the next election (if we are allowed to participate). We will need to sell our candidate. The Left was able to do this by making sure that their man always looked good. They kept him in a positive light, never asked him to explain his ideas, and covered-up all of his faults and failures. This is something that they will not do for a Republican, and especially not a conservative, candidate. Therefore, we have to have a virtual demigod that the media cannot ignore, someone who is super clean, with a Reagan-like stage presence, and who understands the economy and US foreign policy. By the way, it would not hurt if the guy actually held some conservative views and had the guts to defend them. Imagine what such a candidate could do with Governor Palin on his ticket. As much as this writer hates to say it, this is what politics have come to in the Age of the Mechanical Bride. Goodbye substance, hello fluff.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Useful Idiots

I’ve often wondered why it is that the Republican Party does not single out and destroy its enemies. There are several easy targets that are so corrupt and/or foolish that they would be easy pickings. Al Sharpton, for example, is supposedly a blatant “shake-down artist.” Surely a simple investigation of the man and his organizations would yield enough incriminating evidence to put him away.

So, why does the Right not act? I always figured that cowardice had something to do with this lack of resolve. Attacking a major black figure like Sharpton, for example, could easily lead to allegations of racism. Such attacks could cost the Party votes that it can not afford to lose. Such a move would also open the door for more blatant attacks on the Party from the Left and its lackey whores in the media.

Recently, however, I’ve begun to see another reason for this lack of aggression on our side. What does it profit us to put these guys on the defensive? Surely, the case can be made that people like Sharpton do more damage to their side than good. When a voter sees the lies and hypocrisy of the Left it allows him to make a more favorable estimation of the Right. Also, what does it matter if we take a leader down? There will always be more waiting in the political queue behind them.

What is necessary then is to create a general lack of trust and respect of the Left amongst the citizens of this country. We must diminish the Left’s leaders, their support structure, and their ideology. The personal attacks must be such that they disable the leadership, but do not destroy it. We must make people like Sharpton subjects of ridicule--like they did to George W. Bush. We must make their “Useful Idiots” our idiots.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well it's almost game time... now, being a Philadelphia resident you might think I'm talking about next week when the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Arizona Cardinals for the NFC championship - which they will, in what also I think will ultimately turn out to be an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl 43. However, as much as I am looking forward to the Steelers being taken down due to other personal vendettas, I am of course talking about another game all together... The Presidency of the United States.
On January 20th, 2009 the clock officially starts ticking and everything from thereon is officially on Obama’s watch. For those of you paying any attention there are a few minor things the current president elect has vowed to tackle... Will he be able to? What bridges will he be forced to burn? How will the media whom remain in a state of utter euphoria handle the inevitable failures many of us are expecting? Regardless, we shall all be witness.

Below is a tiny list of things Obama has promised to take care of, I may have missed a thing or to so please don't be shy and feel free to remind me.

End poverty domestically
End poverty worldwide
Give housing to homeless vets
Give people more days off from work
Help people save more money
Increase the average family’s income
Cut taxes for 95% of families
Clean coal technology and other alternative fuel types
Build new roads
Provide a “royal class” education to every child
End independence of Middle East oil in 10 years
Make nuclear power safer
Retool the domestic auto industry
Make fuel-efficient cars cheaper
Get better teachers and pay them more
Send every American to college
Lower health care costs
Get women better pay
Increase sick leave policies
Expand personal bankruptcy protection
Capture Osama Bin Laden
End the war in Iraq
Protect Israel and Georgia
Defeat Al-Qaeda
Increase military spending
End nuclear proliferation
End genocide
End the spread of disease
Make the rest of the world love America
End political partisanship
Unite the country
Reduce unwanted pregnancies
Take guns away from criminals while giving them to hunters
End discrimination against gays
End the hiring of illegal immigrants
Change the culture of Washington
Put an end to the housing crisis
Reestablish order in the financial markets
Create millions of new jobs

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MORE - Yuri Bezmenov

My belief that we have been on one way ticket back to serfdom was cemented several months ago while checking and updating my newly created Facebook profile. In what appeared at the time to be a series of seemingly harmless drunken posts by people I thought to be otherwise normal, the unveiling of how delusional we as a society have become is now un-bashfully apparent. Though I admit to be not quite sure if we have been brainwashed, stopped thinking for ourselves, drugged, our bodies used as hosts for alien parasites aiming at taking us over, or are simply stupid (potentially a combination of all of the above) it’s clear, synapses aren’t exactly running at full capacity.

It’s as if standards have been replaced by catch phrases and slogans, popular culture has morphed into the status quo, actuality and facts have been replaced by a delusional euphoria.

In any case, as I was browsing through many of my friends and coworkers profiles I watched in awe as everyone began joining the “yes we can group”, or the “change we can believe in group” by the droves. This of course was also complimented by everyone emphatically declaring their disgust for Alaska’s governor for reasons as compelling as – she winks, she didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was, or, looking to Tina Fey as the actual Sara Palin. It is more than clear that she was used as a punching bag and the media not only allowed it to transpire, they actually served as it’s chief architects and major catalysts.

The best though, I must admit, was reading some friends post where comments like, “finally my kids will now have a bright future”, after Obama was elected, became something of regularity, all the while I’m thinking to myself – what the fuck is wrong with these people? Have I been cryogenically frozen and placed in some bizarro parallel universe? Many of these starlets in the anti-Bush camp (and trust me, he has been a major letdown) defend people like Castro and Chavez, but now their kids will have a brighter future, interesting? Oh… I guess that’s why people come from COMMUNIST Cuba on rafts risking their lives, and the lives of their children, to live under the tyranny of the Bush Doctrine. Man, it’s all so clear now… what was I thinking