Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My belief that we have been on one way ticket back to serfdom was cemented several months ago while checking and updating my newly created Facebook profile. In what appeared at the time to be a series of seemingly harmless drunken posts by people I thought to be otherwise normal, the unveiling of how delusional we as a society have become is now un-bashfully apparent. Though I admit to be not quite sure if we have been brainwashed, stopped thinking for ourselves, drugged, our bodies used as hosts for alien parasites aiming at taking us over, or are simply stupid (potentially a combination of all of the above) it’s clear, synapses aren’t exactly running at full capacity.

It’s as if standards have been replaced by catch phrases and slogans, popular culture has morphed into the status quo, actuality and facts have been replaced by a delusional euphoria.

In any case, as I was browsing through many of my friends and coworkers profiles I watched in awe as everyone began joining the “yes we can group”, or the “change we can believe in group” by the droves. This of course was also complimented by everyone emphatically declaring their disgust for Alaska’s governor for reasons as compelling as – she winks, she didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was, or, looking to Tina Fey as the actual Sara Palin. It is more than clear that she was used as a punching bag and the media not only allowed it to transpire, they actually served as it’s chief architects and major catalysts.

The best though, I must admit, was reading some friends post where comments like, “finally my kids will now have a bright future”, after Obama was elected, became something of regularity, all the while I’m thinking to myself – what the fuck is wrong with these people? Have I been cryogenically frozen and placed in some bizarro parallel universe? Many of these starlets in the anti-Bush camp (and trust me, he has been a major letdown) defend people like Castro and Chavez, but now their kids will have a brighter future, interesting? Oh… I guess that’s why people come from COMMUNIST Cuba on rafts risking their lives, and the lives of their children, to live under the tyranny of the Bush Doctrine. Man, it’s all so clear now… what was I thinking


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