Sunday, September 27, 2009

Watching the news this morning I saw a clip of Michael Moore’s latest documentary and after my initial automatic gag reflex it dawned on me - what exactly is a “right” and what do people interpret them to be? Well, as identified in the U.S. Constitution it is a philosophical concept where a ruler or ruling class would be prevented from taking away certain “rights”, from it’s subjects, which inhere to their person as part of being human. This concept is also known as inalienable rights and tend to include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

However, it appears that this definition is currently being ubiquitously challenged. From education to health care, the concept of a right has shifted from that of the preservation of individual action to that of a politically motivated, and aggressively redistributive collective entitlement.

What this ultimately means is that a right ,in its traditional philosophical sense, is the "right" to be able to attempt to accomplish or pursue certain activities. The right to work , purchase and own property, move, breathe, walk etc… These are in fact rights. On the other hand, the challenging definition does not regard actions as part of the interpretation because it is not interested in what the government or ruling class should be able to tell you what one should be prohibited or not from doing, but rather, it regards the final results of actions i.e. product as the right in question.

Under the cloak of political, social, and economic justice - many individuals and virtually all the media and politicians in a juxtaposition of facts champion the notion that education, health care, shelter, food, standard of living, so on and so forth are tangible “rights” rather than the actual pursuit of these interests. What’s worse is that these rights as most things are not actually free, come at the expense of those individuals who by having chosen to act on these rights have actually EARNED the results.

The danger of this regardless of any ones political allegiance is simple. Currently the average person pays approximately 50% of what they make in taxes to be redistributed AS the government SEEs FIT, this estimate is based on adding together state, local, federal, property, payroll, sales, sin, estate taxes, etc… This effectively means that ½ of everything most people will ever make is property of the government. Further Section 61 of IRC code identifies gross income in short as EVERYTHING, unless it specifically excludes it (by the way, bartering is also taxable).

If the pattern of increased taxation continues and entitlements or “rights” continue to be disbursed on a mass scale, the government then no longer works for us but rather we would work for them and if you look closely that is also the definition of slavery. I myself would prefer the option of indentured servitude, first there was an agreement as to the conditions beforehand and also at somepoint you actually get to go free -typically 7 years or so.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I would like all of you to read a recent MSNBC article on Sarah Palin (I posted a link below). It's full of attacks on her (no surprises there), but it still serves to give me hope. This is because we finally see a conservative who has learned from the strategies of her enemies. Mrs. Palin is using the Left's tactics against them. She kept hostile reporters out of the meeting (just like Obama and his czars do), and raised an unspecified amount of money (hopefully a massive and inordinate sum) through public speaking (just like the Clintons do). These may not be the most honorable of tactics, but when the barbarians have bested your regular forces and are busily burning your fields, you either surrender to a life of slavery or become a guerrilla.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wilson’s Apology

One of my favorite quotes drawn from the writings of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius is, “If it is good to do or say something, then it is even better to be criticized for having said or done it.” That is, if you are correct in your assertions, as Wilson is, you should consider the attacks on your position to be marks of honor. Therefore, the piece of stoic wisdom mentioned above is relevant to the “controversy” surrounding Representative Wilson and his recent outburst.

It has been confirmed that Wilson was correct in his assessment of President Zero. Therefore, he was right in reacting the way that he did. No one should be criticized for correctly calling-out a liar. This is especially true when dealing with dishonest political leaders. Since their lies are capable of inflicting far more damage to the American people than the lies of other, less powerful, scoundrels.

Wilson’s apology might be what is expected of a politician by a modern audience. Surely, it's what's considered right by our culture. And yes, it makes him look good to moderates since they are likely to see him as a man who has repented for a momentary lapse in civility and is doing the right thing by apologizing. The apology, however, is negligible. This is because such civil behavior is not respected, nor practiced, by President Zero and the rest of the Left. They just see Wilson's civility as a weakness that they can exploit.

Therefore, why should we conservatives adhere to such polite and civilized customs when dealing with those who despise such qualities? Would it not be better to act more like our nobler ancestors and refuse to grant our enemies such privileges? After all, the leftists have already done away with such civilities in their dealings with conservatives. Aren’t they then unworthy of participating in such a system? The answer is yes. We should not collaborate with those who only pay lip service to such customs?

Please note that I am not calling for a complete abandonment of our principles. I am merely stating that we should not play by the rules while the other side is cheating. We should continue to behave in an honorable manner while among fellow civil individuals, even those who don’t agree with us. We should only treat these extreme leftists with contempt.

Therefore, I believe that Representative Wilson made a mistake by apologizing to President Zero. Yet, he did in some ways redeem himself by not apologizing to Congress. In such dark days we should appreciate any victory, no matter how small. We should also support Wilson as much as possible. Perhaps if we fervently back Wilson other politicians will learn from his example. Maybe then some of those “servants of the Republic” will begin to act accordingly.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Much like the age-old childhood tale, it now appears the radical left wing could be starting to suffer the same affliction as the bored shepherd boy. For decades, certain topics (in this case race) have been deemed so taboo that any individual who is not a direct beneficiary would be wise to avoid any association. For years, the ultimate game changer of the left – the RACE CARD, has been the A-Bomb of the commies. Fortunately, its recent overuse may have hurt the democrats more than they can imagine.

Why? Simple – the ad hominem attack of racism is rapidly being exposed for the cheap and desperate political wild card that it has been. In less than a few weeks, any opposition to the presidents’ policies has laughably been attributed to racism and people are starting to take notice.

April 16th 2009 – Janene Garafalo, leftwing nut and has been ahem “actress” claims that all tea party demonstrators are “racist rednecks

July 22nd 2009 – Obama “Police Acted Stupidly” before knowing any of the facts of the Skip GAtes case.

August 21st 2009 – Governor David Paterson of NY claims that his and Obama’s critics are racists.

September 4th 2009 – Charlie Rangel Blames Health Care setbacks on "Racists"

September 15th 2009 – Congress shamefully amidst “a healthcare crisis”, “a financial meltdown”, and the worst unemployment in close to 30 years i.e. 9.4% meets to “rebuke” congressmen Joe Wilson’s “you lie” comment.

September 15th 2009 – Rep Hank Johnson claims that Joe Wilson’s comments will lead to “White Hoods”

September 16th 2009 – Jimmy Carter ex US President declares that criticisms of Obama are racially charged.

September 16th 2009 –Maureen Dowd, New York Times wrote in her editorial that she heard “you lie boy” rather than “you lie” implying that Congressman Joe Wilson’s statements were racially charged in her op-ed “Boy, Oh, Boy

NO – it isn’t that the proposed healthcare plans are discomforting, or that people can’t express opposition to elected officials who supposedly work for them, while they thumb their noses and lecture citizens about what they are supposed to think, or the fact that the average person pays approximately 50% of what they make in taxes and receive no actual benefit in return. NO, of course not, people who are upset are just rednecks racists – oddly enough according to the census, I’m Hispanic and regard myself as just American.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seeing the signs

Conservative TM sent a link to the Americans for Prosperity web-site. They have several photos of the march today (13SEP09). Check it out at the link provided below. Then look at the pictures at the bottom of this article. Afterward, consider the following: why is it that all of our side's signs are homemade? And why is it that so many of our opponents wear uniforms and hold mass-produced, standardized, signs?

Here's Conservative TM's link:

Here's a photo of the patriots on our side:

And here's a photo of the traitorous, communist, opposition for comparison:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Thursday, September 10, 2009

CZAR # 2 falls

Yosi Sergant has been asked to step down from his post of Communications Director of the NEA...

All I can say is, 3 communists down in almost a weeks time - this is great!

ACORN Stikes Again

State Representative Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) outburst during President Zero’s speech on healthcare last night was the most refreshing and encouraging thing that I’ve seen come out of Washington since Ronald Reagan was in office. At last, I thought, a politician has shown the guts to say what we all know. Obama is a liar. What really makes this great though is that it is a member of our corrupt government that is calling him out. Any analysis of Obama during his tenure as president doesn’t get much more precise and simple than that one word.

I fear, however, that Representative Wilson will back peddle. He has already apologized for his outburst and Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) called for Wilson’s censure earlier today. Unfortunately, the predictable process of misdirection and character assassination has already begun. The blogs are full of attacks on Wilson. I am sure that this is only the beginning. I can already hear professors and political analysts discussing the history of such outbursts on the various news shows. It’s only a matter of time before they compare Representative Wilson with Preston Brooks and Obama with Charles Sumner.

The Left's tactics are predictable. They can’t win a debate unless they confuse the issue(s) at hand. Their ideas can not stand the light of truth. Their lies and programs to destroy the United States are only effective when mistakenly accepted as the gospel truth by the majority of the American people. They, and their ideas, crumble when they are exposed and fairly debated. This is also why control of our universities and the media is so important to these enemies of America. Without the lies and propaganda generated by those bastions of the fifth column there would be no Obama.

No matter what happens to State Representative Wilson, however, I feel content in knowing that the damage is done. The first serious volley has been launched against the Anointed One’s fortress. And it was not fired by someone that they can easily dismiss. This was not a TEA Party member with a catchy slogan on a sign. This was a member of Congress. Wilson's statement is like a trebuchet of patriotism aimed at the den of the licentious. The ball is rolling. Let’s hope that it gathers momentum and smashes Zero’s edifices down to the dust and filth from which they sprang.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Funny how certain things are swept under the rug right? Oh, I guess that's because they don't serve the best intentions of the LEFT!

Die Hippie Die - -commentary from Stone and Parker about the episode
Above you'll find what I consider to be one of the best South Park episodes of all time. In short, it's a comical yet in a typical Trey Parker and Matt Stone manner, a dead on depiction of the self described "progressives" who shamelessly attempt to pass off or more accurately misrepresent their behavior (riots, music festivals, vandalism) as acts of "social justice".

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Saturday, September 5, 2009

A friend shared this excerpt from a poem with me earlier today. He and I discussed its message and merit at length. We both agreed that even though Dryden addressed this satirical work to a late 17th century English audience, its message can be both understood and considered relevant to a contemporary American listener.

God’s pampered people, whom, debauched with ease,
No king could govern, nor no God could please;
Gods they had tried of every shape and size,
That godsmiths could produce, or priests devise;
These Adam-wits, too fortunately free,
Began to dream they wanted liberty:
And when no rule, no precedent was found,
Of men, by laws less circumscribed and bound;
They led their wild desires to woods and caves,
And thought that all but savages were slaves.

--John Dryden (1631-1700), “Absalom and Achitophel”

Obama, The Mortal -

Washington Post Article By Charles Krauthammer
Friday, September 4, 2009

Does a great job of explaining how his "holiness" is falling from grace faster that you can say communist.