Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finally, a congressman with guts

State Representative Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) outburst during President Zero’s speech on healthcare last night was the most refreshing and encouraging thing that I’ve seen come out of Washington since Ronald Reagan was in office. At last, I thought, a politician has shown the guts to say what we all know. Obama is a liar. What really makes this great though is that it is a member of our corrupt government that is calling him out. Any analysis of Obama during his tenure as president doesn’t get much more precise and simple than that one word.

I fear, however, that Representative Wilson will back peddle. He has already apologized for his outburst and Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) called for Wilson’s censure earlier today. Unfortunately, the predictable process of misdirection and character assassination has already begun. The blogs are full of attacks on Wilson. I am sure that this is only the beginning. I can already hear professors and political analysts discussing the history of such outbursts on the various news shows. It’s only a matter of time before they compare Representative Wilson with Preston Brooks and Obama with Charles Sumner.

The Left's tactics are predictable. They can’t win a debate unless they confuse the issue(s) at hand. Their ideas can not stand the light of truth. Their lies and programs to destroy the United States are only effective when mistakenly accepted as the gospel truth by the majority of the American people. They, and their ideas, crumble when they are exposed and fairly debated. This is also why control of our universities and the media is so important to these enemies of America. Without the lies and propaganda generated by those bastions of the fifth column there would be no Obama.

No matter what happens to State Representative Wilson, however, I feel content in knowing that the damage is done. The first serious volley has been launched against the Anointed One’s fortress. And it was not fired by someone that they can easily dismiss. This was not a TEA Party member with a catchy slogan on a sign. This was a member of Congress. Wilson's statement is like a trebuchet of patriotism aimed at the den of the licentious. The ball is rolling. Let’s hope that it gathers momentum and smashes Zero’s edifices down to the dust and filth from which they sprang.


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