Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wilson’s Apology

One of my favorite quotes drawn from the writings of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius is, “If it is good to do or say something, then it is even better to be criticized for having said or done it.” That is, if you are correct in your assertions, as Wilson is, you should consider the attacks on your position to be marks of honor. Therefore, the piece of stoic wisdom mentioned above is relevant to the “controversy” surrounding Representative Wilson and his recent outburst.

It has been confirmed that Wilson was correct in his assessment of President Zero. Therefore, he was right in reacting the way that he did. No one should be criticized for correctly calling-out a liar. This is especially true when dealing with dishonest political leaders. Since their lies are capable of inflicting far more damage to the American people than the lies of other, less powerful, scoundrels.

Wilson’s apology might be what is expected of a politician by a modern audience. Surely, it's what's considered right by our culture. And yes, it makes him look good to moderates since they are likely to see him as a man who has repented for a momentary lapse in civility and is doing the right thing by apologizing. The apology, however, is negligible. This is because such civil behavior is not respected, nor practiced, by President Zero and the rest of the Left. They just see Wilson's civility as a weakness that they can exploit.

Therefore, why should we conservatives adhere to such polite and civilized customs when dealing with those who despise such qualities? Would it not be better to act more like our nobler ancestors and refuse to grant our enemies such privileges? After all, the leftists have already done away with such civilities in their dealings with conservatives. Aren’t they then unworthy of participating in such a system? The answer is yes. We should not collaborate with those who only pay lip service to such customs?

Please note that I am not calling for a complete abandonment of our principles. I am merely stating that we should not play by the rules while the other side is cheating. We should continue to behave in an honorable manner while among fellow civil individuals, even those who don’t agree with us. We should only treat these extreme leftists with contempt.

Therefore, I believe that Representative Wilson made a mistake by apologizing to President Zero. Yet, he did in some ways redeem himself by not apologizing to Congress. In such dark days we should appreciate any victory, no matter how small. We should also support Wilson as much as possible. Perhaps if we fervently back Wilson other politicians will learn from his example. Maybe then some of those “servants of the Republic” will begin to act accordingly.


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