Thursday, January 15, 2009

Useful Idiots

I’ve often wondered why it is that the Republican Party does not single out and destroy its enemies. There are several easy targets that are so corrupt and/or foolish that they would be easy pickings. Al Sharpton, for example, is supposedly a blatant “shake-down artist.” Surely a simple investigation of the man and his organizations would yield enough incriminating evidence to put him away.

So, why does the Right not act? I always figured that cowardice had something to do with this lack of resolve. Attacking a major black figure like Sharpton, for example, could easily lead to allegations of racism. Such attacks could cost the Party votes that it can not afford to lose. Such a move would also open the door for more blatant attacks on the Party from the Left and its lackey whores in the media.

Recently, however, I’ve begun to see another reason for this lack of aggression on our side. What does it profit us to put these guys on the defensive? Surely, the case can be made that people like Sharpton do more damage to their side than good. When a voter sees the lies and hypocrisy of the Left it allows him to make a more favorable estimation of the Right. Also, what does it matter if we take a leader down? There will always be more waiting in the political queue behind them.

What is necessary then is to create a general lack of trust and respect of the Left amongst the citizens of this country. We must diminish the Left’s leaders, their support structure, and their ideology. The personal attacks must be such that they disable the leadership, but do not destroy it. We must make people like Sharpton subjects of ridicule--like they did to George W. Bush. We must make their “Useful Idiots” our idiots.


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