Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama against the American Market

Every time Obama gives a speech, we all lose money—market traders and everyday folks alike. The policies he reveals during those fits of demagoguery are aimed at undermining the foundations of the American economy. Obama knows that a pessimistic message by a president can make the American people uneasy about a sector, thereby swaying the market. Our president’s speeches are weapons aimed at the heart of the American economy. There is nothing coincidental about it.

Obama is a race-baiting, Chicago street thug Marxist radical behind a thin varnish of teleprompter-induced aplomb. Many pundits and regular citizens saw through him during the election. Some commentators, mostly on AM radio and FOX News, actually warned the public about this. Unfortunately, too many voters either did not believe the threat to be real, or actually wanted this sort of “leadership” in the White House. Others, Colin Powell for example, voted for Obama along racial lines, disguising bald identity politics with phony arguments.

Even erstwhile Obama supporters are now seeing the link between his policies and their diminishing portfolios. Mad Money star, Jim Cramer, for example, admits that he voted for Obama, yet this has not stopped him from understanding how detrimental the president’s policies are to the economy. More recently, Cap and Trade was attacked by none other than Warren Buffett, the tycoon whose backing of Obama during the 2008 election rode shotgun for the Obama team and its shoddy economic credentials. Obviously, what’s in the wallets of men like Kramer and Buffett has finally overtaken the baffling motivations they may have had for endorsing a politician who, frankly, is delivering on the bad economic policies he promised during the campaign.

Unfortunately, it is only now that we stand upon the precipice of the Obama Depression that many of his backers are admitting to seeing the threat that Obama posses to their personal wealth and the future of this country. Tragic recognition always comes too late, but while in Greek drama it makes for moving tragedy, in contemporary politics it makes for inescapable farce. Considering what Obama and his collaborators did to GM and the banks, one has to assume that the damage may well be irreversible. Whoever hopes to lead in our national recovery in the next election must articulate now an unsparing view of the devastation that is unfolding in front of our eyes. Consciousness and conscience do not wait for campaign seasons.


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