Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Symbolism Matters

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article dealing with the construction of a Muslim mosque near the site of the ruined World Trade Center. The author cited Daisy Kahn, executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, as describing the structure as a positive symbol of friendship and understanding between New York’s “moderate” Muslim community and the rest of the city’s citizens.

That statement is only partially correct. The mosque is a symbol, but it has nothing to do with friendship. This building is slated to open on the tenth anniversary of 9-11. Obviously, the planned structure is meant to serve as a symbol of a Muslim victory over the cultural capital of the United States. This is a modern version of the replacement of the Holy Cross on top of Hagia Sophia with the Muslim Crescent after the fall of Constantinople (A.D. 1453).

The New York Community Board’s near unanimous approval of this proposed structure only reinforces the Muslim view of this nation’s citizenry. They see westerners as corrupt and weak. They have already overrun the enfeebled socialist governments of Europe. Now they are turning their attention toward the United States. This is just another step toward their goal of global domination.


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