Friday, July 16, 2010

Backgrounds Matter

Is it too much to ask for that our leaders be checked-out before they run for office? I don't think so, but some on the left, for obvious reasons, might object. They will refer to such a policy as "un-American" and probably cite the Bill of Rights--a document that they abhor, except of course when it serves their immediate needs, as a defense. When that fails, they will likely complain about the costs involved. The media will run a seemingly endless stream of stories, complete with graphs and information on the national debt and budget, in order to highlight the inability of the nation to pay for such a policy. We could then counter with something like: Ok, then why don't we at least check the backgrounds of prospective senators and presidents? That's not a large number of people, especially when one considers the amount of power these people will wield. Also, just about every applicant to a mid-level government job, like those in the State Department, FBI and CIA, goes through a pretty extensive background check. So why not the guys who can send us to war? If that is still too much for our adversaries to stomach, we compromise. Ok, since that's too much to ask for, how about the one guy who can launch a nuclear strike against our enemies? This would be hard for them to argue against. After all, when you look at it that way, it does not sound like too much to ask for. And then we have them right where we want them. No more Obamas.


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