Monday, August 5, 2019

The American Empire is in decline. As a southerner, the idea that the Federal boot might finally be lifted from my neck brings me some joy. But as a relatively White, patriotic, male (I prefer the label off-White nationalist) I am concerned. This is because the political vacuum that will be created by the North's loss of power will be filled by foreigners--people who want to see all White men dead, or enslaved. Sure, it might be true that most foreigners are decent people, and aren't focused on the destruction of Western Man. Their leaders, however, are a different story. And those men decide on the course of action that the barbarian waves will take. Therefore, if you're White, no matter your politics, you are the enemy. Therefore, all of you should be concerned.

The winning of the American West took place less than two hundred years ago. Yet, everywhere one looks real Americans are in retreat. One only has to look at all of the blue on electoral maps to know that those blue regions are lost to civilized men. Two of the main reasons for this loss of territory are money, and demography. The 1965 Immigration Act, abortion, and globalization have all played their part in this decline. Fewer real Americans being born, the loss of job opportunities, and the influx of a Third World workforce have resulted in mass poverty. The middle class is disappearing in places like the 'Rust Belt'. College degrees no longer guarantee a job. And Americans now have to compete with impoverished foreigners for even the lowest paying jobs. To make matters worse, real Americans are being pushed out of the electorate as their vote is diluted by waves of foreigners.

So, how do we fix this? There are a few short, and long-term actions that we can take. First, "Be fruitful and multiply." Find a good woman, and have kids while you're both still young. Second, unless you're getting a free ride, don't waste your time going to college. Go to a trade school. You'll come out with less debt, and better job prospects than any liberal arts college graduate. Third, insist that your politicians put America first. These guys ignore us most of the time, but they really seem to get focused on our concerns when they see their poll numbers slipping. Keep the metaphorical fire at their feet. Get organized, force them to listen to you, and make them vote like nationalists instead of globalists. Fourth, prepare yourself, and your family for hard times. Stay out of major cities, grow your own food, dig wells, get in shape, and learn how to defend yourself. Hopefully, in a hundred years or so, we will be able to take back our lands.


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