Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Red Flag Laws

The globalists have been trying to disarm us for generations. They have been doing so in an incremental manner. The National Firearms Act of 1934 implemented shortly after the election of F. D. Roosevelt (no surprises there) was the first major step in that direction. In 1994 the Clinton administration pushed through a ban on assault weapons. Recently, bump stocks have found themselves in the sights of the oligarchs. Currently, the focus changed from laws aimed at guns themselves, to ones that target gun owners. Red flag laws target individuals considered "potentially dangerous" and make it legal for bureaucrats to confiscate their weapons.

It looks like red flag laws are simply an attempt by the elite to circumvent the gun control. The Second Amendment is clear, and difficult to bypass. So, in the name of public safety, they will avoid it entirely. The oligarchs won't have to ban weapons, just dangerous people. After all, anyone can be labeled dangerous. All it takes to end up on this list is for one family member, like an angry wife, or envious co-worker to report one to the authorities. Even minors will be subject to these laws. These laws should be considered a threat to what is left of our freedoms, and the Republic.


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