Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Be Prepared

The recent shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas demonstrate the need for an armed citizenry. The shooter in El Paso was able to inflict close to fifty casualties (dead, and wounded). The left-wing terrorist in Dayton, Ohio only managed to cause about half as many kills. One of the most important differences between the outcome of the two incidents was the presence of armed men. It looks like there were no such men willing, or able to react to the killer in El Paso. Not only did he hurt twice as many people as the Ohio shooter, but he even managed to escape. The man in Ohio wasn't that lucky. He was shot down in the street like the mad dog that he was. An unknown number of lives were saved in Dayton because there were police officers nearby. These armed men ran toward the gunfire, and nullified the threat in less than one minute.

These shooting are likely to become common. This is because America is changing for the worse. It has been intentionally balkanized. Changes in immigration policies, and the calls for demographic diversity mean that true Americans will soon be an impoverished minority in their own nation. One only has to look to Rhodesia, and the farmers in South Africa to know what this will mean. Add to this the fact that the Left has become increasingly radical in nature and you have a recipe for disaster. Aside from voting for nationalists, there is nothing that we can legally do about the new paradigm. Therefore, you need to be ready for violence. Stay away from crowded places, always have a gun on your person, and never go anywhere near a gun free zone.


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